OK, maybe not quite everything, but certainly all of the latest stories with a byline. This is why I haven’t been re-posting these stories here on my own site; they appear on my swissinfo.ch profile page automatically. Every SWI journalist has one, and it’s a handy way of seeing what everyone’s been reporting on, as well as a reminder of what stories might need a follow-up.



Sound engineer Daniel Wihler working on one of my podcasts

For a while I’ve been wanting to highlight the work of the studio technicians who, frankly, make my podcasts sound way better than they would if I had to do them alone. They ensure that my narration is the best it can be by setting up the mic, monitoring the levels, and finessing all the transitions between me and my audio from the field. They know the right spots to fade in music or ambient sound, and they’re great at finding sound effects, too. And when a feature is too long, they give sensible advice about what to cut. On top of that, they’re fun to work with!

So a big thank you to the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation’s Daniel Wihler, Jakob Stoller and Ivan Steiner!

Successful sabbatical

Telling visitors about the resident cheetahs during feeding time

I let this blog slide in favor of another one I set up for foreign adventures, most recently, a volunteer stint at Cheetah Conservation Fund in Namibia. My employer, the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation, generously sponsored me.

It was an amazing month caring for orphaned cheetahs that raise awareness for their wild counterparts, who struggle with drought, habitat encroachment and human-wildlife conflict. When I wasn’t up to my elbows in dirty work, I also served as a copywriter and editor.

You can read about my experience at On the Road with Susan.

What a wild week, especially the past 24 hours! First off, a behind-the-scenes shot…

… and the final product:

Then suddenly it was November 8th, which meant working in the middle of the night:

Which was fun, especially taking people for a virtual tour of the election party hosted by the US Embassy in Bern:


Less fun was having the party wind down without an official result. US Ambassador to Switzerland Suzi Levine thanked everyone for coming — and especially for voting, regardless of for whom. (She herself got a few write-in votes on the event’s mock ballot sheets!)


The election was called around the time that everyone was clearing out. I interviewed a couple that had been rooting for Hillary Clinton, and I was impressed with how calmly they spoke of President-Elect Donald Trump, despite their dismay.




For me, the highlight of the day was the collaboration with great colleagues both at SWI swissinfo.ch as well as those I met in the event’s media corner. Pleasure working with you all!


Scene from the ultimate summer

This summer was too amazing for blog posts! Outside of working hours, I swam as often as I possibly could. Altogether I made it into Bern’s Aare River about 40 times — including a record 14-consecutive-day streak.

Now it’s a different kind of cool. Perfect for a little more online time.