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Fur trim and coats are trendy, but are consumers aware of the grim conditions for most of the animals involved? A Swiss label law aims to inform, but many say that an outright import ban is needed.

It’s cold and everyone walking around Bern is dressed warmly, except for one woman. Clad in her underwear plus a scarf and boots, she’s also wearing a sign that says, “I’d rather go (almost) naked than wear fur”. She’s been collecting signatures for a petition to ban the import of fur products made with animal-torturing methods.

“It’s going really well – people have been very supportive. I’ve got so many signatures that I’ll have to get more forms,” Daniela tells swissinfo.ch. A moment later, a woman with a fur coat and bag walks past, giving her a dirty look.

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Pets or meat?

Hercules the kitty liked visiting these rabbits, who were being raised for meat.

Hercules the kitty liked visiting these rabbits, who were being raised for meat.

Europeans are uneasy in the aftermath of a scandal involving horse meat found in hamburgers and lasagna. A few weeks ago I wrote a piece about how people are comfortable eating some animals and not others.

Click here to read “Animal lovers question morality of eating pets“.

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doggy dews

My aunt spotted this and sent it to me. It’s hard to imagine what the people in charge were thinking when they named their business.

Sure, there are “hairdo’s” and “do’s and don’ts” — but after the word “dog”, anything that sounds like “doo-doo” is surely a “don’t”. Don’t you think?

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In this week’s swissinfo.ch podcast, I focused on:

– a noisy Lenten tradition

– happy laying hens

– and a man who found a way to outsmart ovulation.

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My cat Buddy — adopted at an animal shelter

I dedicated a recent swissinfo.ch podcast to the animal kingdom; click here to listen to it.


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