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Ramadan, snacks

The end of Ramadan means the end to a month of fasting for Muslims everywhere. For the swissinfo.ch podcast, a Tunesian coworker told me what it was like to observe Ramadan in Switzerland.

Meanwhile, it seems that the Swiss are consuming less alcohol. I asked some federal experts to weigh in on some possible reasons for this.

Click here to listen to A measured drop in sipping.

For more details on the alcohol story, click here to read Swiss alcohol consumption declines.

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Pets or meat?

Hercules the kitty liked visiting these rabbits, who were being raised for meat.

Hercules the kitty liked visiting these rabbits, who were being raised for meat.

Europeans are uneasy in the aftermath of a scandal involving horse meat found in hamburgers and lasagna. A few weeks ago I wrote a piece about how people are comfortable eating some animals and not others.

Click here to read “Animal lovers question morality of eating pets“.

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Guaranteed: generous portions

Spotted this sign in Langenthal, canton Bern, while looking for a place to eat. Decided this sounded more filling than a pizza! The waitress said that loosely translated,”Winn Fat” meant prosperity. We left with pleasantly full bellies plus leftovers.

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Made in Switzerland: Dairy products and grain

A trip to any Swiss grocery store shows that food is available in abundance – whether in the form of basics like bread and milk or more exotic fare such as pineapples.

However, the Swiss Farmers Association is concerned about Switzerland becoming too dependent upon foreign foodstuffs. At its annual media conference in Bern, the group looked ahead 40 years and called for the country to continue growing at least half of its own food.

Read the whole story here:


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All sorts of tasty treats are for sale in the IM VIADUKT Markthalle.

The viaduct across Zurich’s industrial neighbourhood has been a landmark for more than century. Today, its arches shelter a variety of small businesses, making it a gourmet temple, funky shopping strip and cultural meeting point. It is also home to the city’s first covered market hall.

Click here to read the whole story, published in the December 2010 issue of Swiss News magazine:


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