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Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon addresses the plenary session of the UN Rio+20 Conference on Sustainable Development, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (© UN Photo/Maria Elisa Franco)

Although the Rio+20 sustainability summit ended without delivering the vision or commitment needed for the future, Switzerland says the process is not dead.

It is a view shared by the Swiss media following the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development – which closed on Friday after 193 nations agreed on a lackluster accord that largely reaffirms the goals of its predecessor, the 1992 Earth Summit.

“Based on its ambitions, the results of Rio+20 are very modest. But there were still some small successes,” stated the Saturday edition of the Tages-Anzeiger newspaper. These successes included sustainability goals and the introduction of a so-called green economy, defined as creating “well-being” and jobs without damaging ecosystems.

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Made in Switzerland: Dairy products and grain

A trip to any Swiss grocery store shows that food is available in abundance – whether in the form of basics like bread and milk or more exotic fare such as pineapples.

However, the Swiss Farmers Association is concerned about Switzerland becoming too dependent upon foreign foodstuffs. At its annual media conference in Bern, the group looked ahead 40 years and called for the country to continue growing at least half of its own food.

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The cover image of the Suva future study © Suva

Buildings that are too clean, vehicles that are too quiet and workers who are always on call – these are risks facing us in the future, according to a study.

Suva, the Swiss accident insurer, commissioned the report to see what kinds of issues could have a detrimental effect on the workforce and general public in 2029. In consultation with businesses the research team identified 21 trends to watch out for.

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Markku Wilenius, senior vice president of Allianz, looks ahead to 2050

Markku Wilenius, senior vice president of Allianz, looks ahead to 2050.

Apparently, we’re in the age of stupidity. How we get out of it remains to be seen.
Experts from a variety of fields addressed the issue at the fifth annual European Futurists Conference Lucerne (EFCL) on Thursday and Friday. Altogether, about 130 people from 17 nations took part.
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