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Ramadan, snacks

The end of Ramadan means the end to a month of fasting for Muslims everywhere. For the swissinfo.ch podcast, a Tunesian coworker told me what it was like to observe Ramadan in Switzerland.

Meanwhile, it seems that the Swiss are consuming less alcohol. I asked some federal experts to weigh in on some possible reasons for this.

Click here to listen to A measured drop in sipping.

For more details on the alcohol story, click here to read Swiss alcohol consumption declines.

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Saint Jost's Chapel in Dottenberg near Lucerne

The role of organized religion in Switzerland is an increasingly small one, according to a publically funded study.

Through hundreds of questionnaires as well as dozens of in-depth interviews with individuals across the country, researchers have found that the Swiss population has distanced itself from organized Christianity as well as traditional spirituality in recent decades.

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