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Attentive in an Alabama classroom in 1936 (Marion Post Wolcott)

More than half of Swiss schoolchildren are undergoing some sort of therapy in an effort to solve learning problems. That is far too many, according to the authors of a recently-published book on children with learning difficulties. They say that parents, teachers and doctors have unrealistic expectations of children.

Solothurn pediatrician Thomas Baumann and Zug pediatrician and youth psychiatrist Romedius Alber have written a 285-page book aimed at health professionals. Their goal is to reduce the numbers of children in therapy that might well be unnecessary.

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Moammar Gaddafi, photo by James (Jim) Gordon of New York


Swiss newspapers have been cheering what appears to be the imminent fall of the Gaddafi regime in Libya.

At the same time they have voiced concern over how the nation will move forward after four decades under the control of Moammar Gaddafi and his clan. Gaddafi’s location – as well as his intentions – remain unclear.

You can read the whole press review here as part of swissinfo.ch’s Arab Spring special: http://www.swissinfo.ch/eng/specials/the_arab_spring/Press_voices_hope_and_fear_over_Libya.html?cid=30966798


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A 2007 Swiss People's Party billboard calling for the expulsion of foreign criminals -- altered to criticize its racist tone. Today, some people are anxious about large numbers of north African refugees, even if they're looking for work and not trouble.


Despite an increase in the number of people seeking asylum in Switzerland this year, there is no crisis, say experts.

So far, more than 8,000 people have come in 2011. In May there were 2,254 applications, many of them from North Africa, according to the Federal Migration Office.

Click here to read the whole story: http://www.swissinfo.ch/eng/politics/Switzerland_not_facing_asylum_crisis.html?cid=30565396


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Saint Jost's Chapel in Dottenberg near Lucerne

The role of organized religion in Switzerland is an increasingly small one, according to a publically funded study.

Through hundreds of questionnaires as well as dozens of in-depth interviews with individuals across the country, researchers have found that the Swiss population has distanced itself from organized Christianity as well as traditional spirituality in recent decades.

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Podcast icon courtesy of Colleen AF Venable

The place to be: for many international firms, that’s Switzerland. A place revisited: a political exile revisits Tunisia for the first time in 19 years. Places you wish you’d never been: a woman remembers her painful past.

Click on the link below to listen a recent swissinfo.ch podcast, which I regularly contribute to.


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Luxury escorts often receive gifts like shoes and bags. © Susan Vogel-Misicka

The sex trade is evident in some parts of Zurich, so much so that the city may erect garage-like “sex boxes” where streetwalkers can do their business more discreetly.

Yet this won’t be necessary for the city’s other breed of prostitute – the luxury escort. Unlike hookers, who stand in the cold waiting for a car to climb into, these women often meet their clients in fancy hotels.

Read the whole story here: http://www.swissinfo.ch/eng/culture/Luxury_call_girls_hook_rich_clients_in_Zurich.html?cid=28528396

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The cover image of the Suva future study © Suva

Buildings that are too clean, vehicles that are too quiet and workers who are always on call – these are risks facing us in the future, according to a study.

Suva, the Swiss accident insurer, commissioned the report to see what kinds of issues could have a detrimental effect on the workforce and general public in 2029. In consultation with businesses the research team identified 21 trends to watch out for.

Click here to read the whole story: http://www.swissinfo.ch/eng/swiss_news/Trends_threaten_wellbeing_of_workers.html?cid=28402052

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