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In this week’s swissinfo.ch podcast, I focused on:

– a noisy Lenten tradition

– happy laying hens

– and a man who found a way to outsmart ovulation.

Click here to listen.

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The campaign for a special kind of toilet.

Admittedly, the English here is perfectly correct and not all that funny. But the ad campaign (butt-)cracks me up, at least when I’m not embarrassed to be seen with it. A magazine I was reading last week had this on its back cover; you wouldn’t believe how many startled looks I got on the train.

What’s even funnier is the related TV ad starring a former Miss Switzerland. They’ve got her enjoying a waterfall and singing the praises of fresh water. Is it just me, or does she look like she’s being flushed away? Click on TV-Spot mit Melanie Winiger to see for yourself.

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Experts say incentives are needed to keep health care workers at home (© Medicus Mundi)

Switzerland is facing a dearth of health workers, but nothing like the shortages in developing countries where doctors and nurses have left for better opportunities.

To combat this problem, a coalition of Swiss health and humanitarian organisations has written a manifesto that addresses the worldwide need for properly trained healthcare professionals.

Click here to read the whole story on swissinfo.ch.

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Attentive in an Alabama classroom in 1936 (Marion Post Wolcott)

More than half of Swiss schoolchildren are undergoing some sort of therapy in an effort to solve learning problems. That is far too many, according to the authors of a recently-published book on children with learning difficulties. They say that parents, teachers and doctors have unrealistic expectations of children.

Solothurn pediatrician Thomas Baumann and Zug pediatrician and youth psychiatrist Romedius Alber have written a 285-page book aimed at health professionals. Their goal is to reduce the numbers of children in therapy that might well be unnecessary.

Read the whole story here on swissinfo.ch.


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It was a telecommute day in Switzerland.

Some extra sleep, a leisurely breakfast and no need to leave the house – it sounds an awful lot like a lazy Saturday morning.

However, it could also be the start of a full workday for people whose jobs and employers allow them to telecommute. May 18 was Switzerland’s first national Home Office Day.

Click here to read the rest of the story: http://www.swissinfo.ch/eng/index/Initiative_encourages_workers_to_stay_at_home.html?cid=8787028

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