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Oryx, January 2012

Having worked in Zurich for a few years, I was glad for the chance to write about fun things to do there for Oryx, the inflight magazine of Qatar Airways.

I wrote the piece in English and it was translated into Arabic as well. You can read the English version here: Weekend Away, Zurich.
If you’re curious, check out page 16 of the online magazine to see a blurb about me on the “contributors” page.

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Guaranteed: generous portions

Spotted this sign in Langenthal, canton Bern, while looking for a place to eat. Decided this sounded more filling than a pizza! The waitress said that loosely translated,”Winn Fat” meant prosperity. We left with pleasantly full bellies plus leftovers.

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A Funny Laundry audience, photo by Julie Collins

 Over the past 100 years, English has steadily been creeping into the mouths and minds of people all over Europe. Within Switzerland, the ascension of the English-language can especially be seen in the amount of Anglo theatre and stand-up comedy on offer, and its continued popularity.

Click here to read my whole story in Swiss News magazine.

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A 2007 Swiss People's Party billboard calling for the expulsion of foreign criminals -- altered to criticize its racist tone. Today, some people are anxious about large numbers of north African refugees, even if they're looking for work and not trouble.


Despite an increase in the number of people seeking asylum in Switzerland this year, there is no crisis, say experts.

So far, more than 8,000 people have come in 2011. In May there were 2,254 applications, many of them from North Africa, according to the Federal Migration Office.

Click here to read the whole story: http://www.swissinfo.ch/eng/politics/Switzerland_not_facing_asylum_crisis.html?cid=30565396


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Chris von Rohr of the rock band Krokus

I recently had the chance to visit Krokus founder and bass player Chris von Rohr in Solothurn, Switzerland. We chatted about the band’s history as well as von Rohr’s plans for the next few years.

You can listen to my audio feature on swissinfo.ch — but make sure you’re comfortable because it’s 17 minutes long!

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