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The nuclear power plant in Mühleberg near Bern opened in 1972.

The people of canton Bern in Switzerland have voted in favor of building a new nuclear power plant in Mühleberg to replace the old one there. Meanwhile, voters in canton Nidwalden reiterated their lack of interest in hosting a nuclear waste repository in Wellenberg. Though non-binding, the recent ballot box results show that nuclear technology remains controversial in Switzerland.

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Made in Switzerland: Dairy products and grain

A trip to any Swiss grocery store shows that food is available in abundance – whether in the form of basics like bread and milk or more exotic fare such as pineapples.

However, the Swiss Farmers Association is concerned about Switzerland becoming too dependent upon foreign foodstuffs. At its annual media conference in Bern, the group looked ahead 40 years and called for the country to continue growing at least half of its own food.

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He's awfully cute, but not so welcome in Europe. © André Künzelmann/UFZ

Globalization carries a hidden price tag that may not appear until decades after a trip was made or goods were exchanged.

It comes in the form of invasive species – non-native plants, insects and animals – that wreak havoc on the local flora and fauna while forcing the host country to fork out eradication funds.

Results of a European study show that socio-economic factors have a direct influence on the number of biological invaders in a given country.

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Plastic bottles are convenient to recycle. © PET-Recycling Schweiz

Switzerland’s recycling figures for plastic drink bottles are at an all-time high, but there is no nationwide system for recycling other types of plastic. Packaging for food, cosmetics and other everyday products generally lands in the incinerator.

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The waste is plentiful, the storage space not (Paperkraft.net)

An association based in Switzerland is helping its European neighbors in their search for a good place to dump nuclear waste.

Ten nations have enlisted the aid of Baden-based Arius, or Association for Regional and International Underground Storage. They hope to consolidate their radioactive waste within a single location.

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